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Local Attractions

Interested in seeing what Goroka has to offer, whether you’re feeling adventurous or interested in absorbing some of the impressive culture and customs, there is something for one and all.

Lake Kutubu

Visit some more Port Moresby highlights before flying over the Gulf to the Southern Highlands to Moro. Transit to Lake Kutubu for your dugout canoe journey up the 20 km long Lake to the “Island in the Clouds” and it’s Lodge with a mesmerising view.

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Goroka Show

Attend the iconic Goroka Show with its magnificent colour and rhythm when dances, chants and songs are performed by many hundreds of highlanders dressed in a mindboggling array of traditional costume.

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The J.K. McCarthy Museum

JK McCarthy was one of PNG’s legendary patrol officers and wrote one of the classic books on New Guinea patrolling – Patrol into Yesterday. Among the exhibits are pottery, weapons, clothes and musical instruments, and even some grisly jewellery – Anga mourning necklaces of human fingers.

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