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FREE Shuttle Bus Service

Coral Sea Hotels in collaboration with Black Swan International provides FREE SHUTTLE BUSES to and from the international and domestic airports and between Gateway Hotel & Apartments, Ela Beach Hotel and Grand Papua Hotel.

In case you miss the bus, there will be another coming shortly after. The bus schedules are available when you receive your booking confirmation, it will be available in all guest rooms and apartments, in the hotel lobby on reception counter as well as upon hotel check in, and in the shuttle bus itself.

Please provide the front desk and/or reservation with the following details should you wish to use the free airport shuttle service to or from airport.

  • Your pick-up/drop-off point (Domestic or International Airport, Grand Papua Hotel, Ela Beach Hotel, or Gateway Hotel)
  • Your flight numbers
  • Your full name
  • Your company names
  • Your mobile phone number

Airport shuttle schedule

TripGateway HotelAirportGateway HotelGrand Papua HotelEla Beach HotelGateway HotelAirport
0103:30 am03:40 am03:50 am04:05 am04:15 am04:30 am04:40 am
0203:45 am03:55 am04:10 am04:20 am
0304:50 am05:00 am05:10 am05:25 am05:35 am05:50 am06:00 am
0404:30 am04:40 am05:05 am05:20 am05:35 am06:05 am05:40 am
0505:35 am05:30 am05:55 am06:10 am06:25 am06:55 am06:45 am
0606:10 am06:20 am06:30 am06:45 am06:55 am07 :10 am07 :20 am
0705:50 am06:00 am06:10 am06:25 am06:35 am06:50 am07 :00 am
0807 :30 am07 :40 am07 :50 am08:05 am08:15 am08:30 am08:40 am
0907 :10 am07 :20 am07 :30 am07 :45 am07 :55 am08:10 am08:20 am
1006:55 am07 :10 am07 :20 am07 :35 am07 :45 am08:00 am08:10 am
1108:50 am09:00 am09:10 am09:25 am09:35 am09:50 am10:00 am
1208:30 am08:40 am08:50 am09:05 am09:15 am09:30 am09:40 am
1308:20 am08:30 am08:40 am08:55 pm09:05 am09:20 pm09:30 am
1410:10 am10:20 am10:30 am10:45 am10:55 am11:10 pm11: 20 am
1509:50 am10:00 am10:10 am10:25 am10:35 am10:50 am11:00 am
1609:40 am09:50 am10:00 am10:15 am10:25 am10:40 am10:50am
1711: 30 am11:40 am11:50 am12 :05 am12 :15 am12 :30 am25 min Break
1811:10 am11: 20 am11: 30 am25 min Break11:55 am12 :10 pm12 :20 pm
1911:00 am11:10 am11: 20 am11: 35 am11:45 am11:55 pm12 :05 pm
2012 :55 pm01:05 pm01:15 pm01:30 pm01:40 pm01:55 pm02 :05 pm
2112 :30 pm12 :40 pm12 :50 pm01:05 pm01:15 pm01:30pm01:40 pm
2225 min Break12 :30 pm12 :40 pm12 :55 pm01:05 pm01:20 pm01:30 pm
2302 :15 pm02 :25 pm02 :35 pm02 :50 pm03:00 pm03:15 pm03:25 pm
2401:50 pm02 :00 pm02 :10 pm02 :25 pm02 :35 pm02 :50 pm03:00 pm
2501:30 pm01:40 pm01:50 pm02 :05 pm02 :15 pm02 :30 pm02 :40 am
2603:35 pm03:45 pm03:55 pm03:10 pm03:20 pm03:30 pm03:50 pm
2703:10 pm03:20 pm03:30 pm03:45 pm03:55 pm04:10 pm04:20 pm
2802 :50 pm03:00 pm03:10 pm03:25 pm03:35 pm03:50 pm04:00 pm
2904:00 pm04:10 pm04:20 pm04:35 pm04:45 pm05:00 pm05:10 pm
3004:20 pm04:30 pm04:45 pm04:55 pm05:10 pm05:30 pm05:40 pm
3104:10 pm04:20 pm04:30 pm04:45 pm04:55 pm05:10 pm05:20 pm
3205:20 pm05:30 pm05:45 pm05:55 pm06:05 pm06:15 pm06:25 pm
3305:50 pm06:00 pm06:10 pm06:25 pm06:35 pm06:50 pm07 :00 pm
3405:30 pm05:40 pm05:50 pm06:05 pm06:15 pm06:30 pm06:40 pm
3506:35 pm06:45 pm06:55 pm07 :10 pm07 :20 pm07 :35 pm07 :45 pm
3607 :10 pm07 :20 pm07 :30 pm07 :45 pm07 :55 pm
3706:50 pm07 :00 pm07 :10 pm07 :25 pm07 :35 pm07 :50 pm
Jacksons Airport
Gateway Hotel
Grand Papua Hotel
Ela Beach Hotel
Grand Papua Hotel
Gateway Hotel
Jacksons Airport

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